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Feb 17 - Private Event

Feb 20 - Graystone Homestyle Restaurant, Johnstown, PA

Feb 24 - Mar 03 - Zupe Cruise 3 Ballroom Dance Cruise!

Mar 12 - Graystone Court Apartments, Tyrone, PA

Mar 27 - Luther Ridge, Chambersburg, PA

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Call 800-355-3017 ext. 29464 and book "Zupe Cruise 3" today!

All are welcome to enjoy the Caribbean with Zupe.  In order to fully enjoy the dance experience, we are limiting the number of "dancing guests" to ensure there is adequate dance space for all.  Non-ballroom dancers are welcome to enjoy the music, during the dances, as well as partake in all of the amenities and excursions Holland America Line has to offer.  Come join us!