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Aug 24 - The Lodge at Indian Lake, Central City, PA

Aug 26 - The Bitter End, New York City

Aug 30 - Private Event

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Sep 01 - Private Event

Sep 04 - Bedford Senior Center, Bedford, PA

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This is an absolutely beautiful collection of Christmas music in the most classic style of piano. It warms your heart, and truly brings you into the spirit of the season. It quickly became one of my very favorite CDs to play during the holidays. I kept the CD on constant "replay"!!! Zupe is one of the finest musical artists yet to truly be discovered. Enjoy!!

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Inspiration can be a wonderful thing, especially around the holidays.   According to Zupe's liner notes, the right ingredients were there ... Gray skies and snow on the outside, and inside, a hot cup of coffee, a sleeping dog, Zupe, his piano, and tape running.  The result: Christmas Piano.  Just Zupe and his piano, delivering a mellow, beautiful selection of holiday favorites suitable for setting the mood, with family and friends, around the Christmas tree Christmas Eve.

We hear Zupe's relaxing interpretations of 'Silent Night,' ' O'Tannenbaum,' 'White Christmas,' 'What Child Is This,' 'Little Drummer Boy,' and more.   Nothing fancy, just Zupe and his piano doing Christmas favorites.   Listening to the magic here makes us glad Zupe decided to turn the recorder on when he was hit with the holiday spirit!

If you are into quiet holiday music, I highly recommend Zupe's Christmas Piano.   This one will be playing on my CD player Christmas Eve, no doubt.   Buy this or find a lump of coal in your stocking!

D’Scribe - The Final Cut E-zine


Close your eyes and enjoy the amazing scenes of Christmas as it is meant to be. Heartfelt and joyful.  A real gift!

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This soundtrack is perfect for anyone that would enjoy a peaceful sound of holiday music! Zupe is the BEST!!!

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Even scrooge would love this CD. The music will get anyone in the mood for the holiday's a true joy to listen to!

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I own dozens of Christmas CD's, and this is my absolute favorite. Every track is a work of art. Zupe's unique renditions of traditional holiday songs are inspired -- they create a perfect soundtrack for a quiet drive in the country or an evening by the fire.  Beautiful!

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Everything we remember about all the classic Christmas songs are revisited here with so much heart and feeling.  Amazing!!

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Great music to set the mood for decorating, a quiet get-together or just watching the snow fly.

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I really like listening to this CD (and playing it for friends) during the Holidays. However, my wife doesn't like me to take it out of the CD changer in her car, so I needed to pick-up a second copy.

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I listen to Christmas Piano all year round, great CD!

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